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Residential and Commercial Dual Reflective Night Vision Films

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New Technology helps you control the
light coming into your home while preserving the VIEW!


Our Manufacture's subject all of its window film product's to extensive lab testing to ensure quality and maximum performance. Because we use several different manufactures we have  a great range of Dual Reflective Films available in many shades: 70/50/45/38/35/30/28/25/23/20/18/15/10/8/5% (percent of the light still allowed in) this guarantees that you will find the right balance in your building! You will have the Heat, Glare, and Fade protection you need, while maintaining your view, Day or Night! 


Low Reflection, View Perfection....

Night Vision window film blocks up to 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, 30 to 92% of annoying visual Glare and rejects up to 83% of the solar heat! Night Vision means that the film is Dual Reflective; the outside surface is reflective to keep out the heat and the inside is not, so you can clearly see out day or night! This film will not interfere with your city light or sunset views!

 Pictured below are a few of the shades ranging from 5 to 45% Light Transmission. We are sure to find a film that meets your needs with our huge selection! As you can see below the Films have a nice smoked neutral look, not shiny!

Dual Reflective 50

Dual Reflective 45 and 50's have no reflectivity on either side of the glass for a clear view, day or night! They will provide 45-48% Glare Reduction and cut the light by
only half.  They provide a heat reduction on single-pane glass of 30 to 45% and, of course, stop all of the UV Rays.

Dual Reflective 50,

Inside Looking Out.

Two windows have film and
two do not.  Can you tell
which ones?

Inside View before
Dual Reflective 35

Dual Reflective 35 Exterior View

Dual Reflective 35% Films block up to 99.9% of the sun's Ultraviolet Rays and rejects up to 57% of the Solar Heat, and almost 65% of the annoying Glare, so you won't have to keep pulling your shades to keep your home beautiful and comfortable.

Inside View After
Dual DR 35

Dual Reflective 25
Inside Out View

Dual Reflective 25's Exterior appearance is neutral or smoke and has low reflectivity.  It stops 72% of the glare,  all of the UV rays and up to 66% of the heat and has excellent daytime privacy.  It has no interior nighttime reflectivity, so you can enjoy your views, Day or Night.

Dual Reflective 25, Exterior

Dual Reflective 15 inside out View, before and after!

Dual Reflective 15's stops 82% of the glare, up to 79% of the heat, and all of the UV Rays. It has a slight grey to it's appearance, but looks smoke at most angles for a nice neutral look.  No more mirror effects on the inside looking out with night vision films and with all shades! Enjoy your city light views!

Dual Reflective 15
Outside In View

Most Manufactures of our Night Vision Window Film's offer a 10 to 15 year Warranty for Commercial, and a Lifetime Warranty for Your Home when installed by a Certified installer!

Made In The Shade Inc. gives you a written labor guarantee on all our installs. All our installers are Certified by the manufactures, so you will have a written Warranty from the manufacture for the film you chose! Give us call, email or just click the link below for a FREE internet estimate TODAY!


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